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Nature Masterclasses webinar on “Demystifying Grant Budgets: A Beginner’s Guide for Researchers”


Dear Doctoral Candidates,

Are you working on securing funding for your next research idea, conference visit or field trip? Then the upcoming Nature Masterclasses webinar on “Demystifying Grant Budgets: A Beginner’s Guide for Researchers” might be just the thing you’re looking for.

The webinar deals specifically with the final task of any grant application – creating a budget. But what expenses can you claim, what costs do you need to consider, what does your funder want to know and what is this “overhead” all about?

If you are struggling to get started with your first budget or want to refine your budgeting skills, come join the Nature Masterclasses free webinar. In 45 minutes, funding expert Riana Coetsee will share her top strategies to help you create a convincing and comprehensive budget for your next grant application.


Dates and Times – choose the one that’s most convenient for you:

14 June 2023, 9–10 am
Registration link:

15 June 2023, 6–7 pm
Registration link:

Please make sure to register quickly as seats per session are limited to 1,000.


The presenter

Riana Coetsee is a research management and training consultant, specialising in skills development for early career researchers and grant writing support for researchers at all levels. She most recently held the position of Group Manager & Head: International & Early Career Research Grants at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Since April 2020, she has offered virtual interactive research skills training to almost 1,000 researchers on the African continent. Riana is one of the experts who helped create the Nature Masterclasses on-demand training course “Finding Funding Opportunities”.


About Nature Masterclasses

Developed by Nature Research, the Nature Masterclasses online courses are available to you with the Graduate Academy's institutional subscription. If you are a member of Heidelberg University, this subscription gives you free-of-charge access to all of the courses on the Nature Masterclasses Plattform.

New courses are being added on a regular basis. Make the most of our subscription and make sure to register now! Check our webpage for more details!


Best wishes,

The Graduate Academy Team


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